SpecTechSnab Ltd. takes orders for manufacturing of spare parts, assemblies and mechanisms for portal cranes Condor, Sokol, Albatross, Albrecht and Hanz. We also supply electrical equipment for the portal cranes.

Technological capabilities of our company allow us to make non-standard equipment of our own design or according to the customer drawings for various industries.

ALBATROSS Portal Crane

Travelling gear wheel
- leading wheel
- follower wheel
Brake wheel d 600 mm
Brake disk d 600 mm
Interrupter unit d 800 mm
Intermediate block d 630 mm
Block d 450 mm (hook assembly)
Slewing reducer assembly
Slewing reducer housing

Slewing Reducer Accessories
Pinion shaft z=15, m=5 3779А.02.01.001
Gear wheel z=61, m=5 3779А.02.01.002
Pinion shaft z=16, m=6 3779А.02.01.003
Gear wheel z=63, m=6 3779А.02.01.004
Pinion shaft z=18, m=7 3779А.02.01.005
Gear wheel z=58, m=7 3779А.02.01.006
Splined shaft 3779А.02.01.007
Pinion z=12,m=16 3779А.02.003.
Hollow pinion shaft z=14, m=16 КП 057-200-16

Crane Arm Mechanism Reducer Accessories, 1st variant
Pinion shaft z=18, m=3,5 3779А.03.01.001
Gear wheel z=58, m=3,5 3779А.03.01.002
Pinion shaft z=16, m=3,5 3779А.03.01.003.
Gear wheel z=81, m=3,5 3779А.03.01.004
Pinion shaft z=16, m=6 3779А,03.01.005
Gear wheel z=63, m=6 3779А.03.01.006
Hollow axle 3779А.03.01.007
Pinion shaft z=12, m=16 3779А.03.00.1
Brake wheel d 250 mm 3779А.03.03.001

Crane Arm Mechanism Reducer Accessories, 2nd variant
Crane Arm Mechanism Reducer
Pinion shaft z=18, m=5 3779А.03.02.001
Gear wheel z=58, m=5 3779А.03.02.002
Pinion shaft z=16, m=5 3779А.03.02.003
Gear wheel z=79, m=5 3779А.03.02.004
Pinion shaft z=15, m=8 3779А.03.02.005
Gear wheel z=60, m=8 3779А.03.02.006
Hollow axle 3779А.03.02.007
Pinion shaft z=12, m=16 3779А.03.002
Brake wheel d 250 mm, 3779А.03.04.001

Travelling Gear Reducer Accessories, 1st variant
Bevel gear wheel 3779А.04.01.001
Bevel pinion wheel 3779А.04.01.002
Pinion shaft z=15, m=4 3779А.04.01.003
Gear wheel z=61, m=4 3779А.04.01.004
Shaft 3779А.04.01.005
Cogwheel z=16, m=10 3779А.04.001
Gear rim z=42, m=10 3779А.04.005
Gear wheel z=26, m=10 3779А.04.003
Gear clutch z=36, m=3 3779А.04.002

Travelling Gear Reducer Accessories, 2nd variant
Travelling gear reducer assembly
Pinion shaft z=25, m=2,5 3779А.04.02.001
Gear wheel z=99, m=2,5 3779А.04.02.002
Gear wheel z=85, m=3,5 3779А.04.02.004
Cogwheel z=27, m=3,5 3779А.04.02.003
Shaft 3779А.04.02.005
Pinion shaft z=12, m=10 3779А.04.02.007
Gear wheel z=26, m=10 3779А.04.004
Gear rim z=42, m=10 3779А.04.006
Hollow bush 3779А.04.02.006
Slewing gear rim
z=132, m=16, h=210mm.
z=132, m=16, h=170mm.

HANZ Portal Crane

Travelling Gear Reducer Accessories
Travelling gear reducer housing
Shaft 3697А.04.11.004
Bevel gear wheel z=44
Hub 3697А.04.01.001
Pinion shaft z=31, m=2 3697А.04.11.002
Gear wheel z=162, m=2 3697А.04.1100З
Bevel pinion shaft 3697А.04.11.001
Cogwheel z=27, m=10 3697А.04.08.001
Cogwheel z=18, m=10 3697А.04.О02
Crane arm mechanism shaft 16/27,5

ALBRECHT Portal Crane

Travelling gear reducer housing
Travelling gear wheel
- leading wheel
- follower wheel
Pin O65мм., L=215мм.
Traversing roller
Pin wheel z=10, m=40
Cogwheel z=15, m=12 3408.04.01
Cogwheel z=34, m=12 3408.04.03
Cogwheel z=42, m=12 3408.04.02
Cogwheel z=50, m=12 3408.04.04
Takeoff shaft with screw М120ХЗ 60.684.072-102-20

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