Our company has entered into a dealership agreement with a German company «SilverCut-Silbermann GmbH», which is a manufacturer of a wide range of cutting-off machines. We offer our clients foundry accessories supply and services in installation, commissioning and staff training.

Cutting-off Machines

Special Purpose Cutting-off Machines

Special purpose cutting-off machines are designed to cut off gating system from investment castings made of heat-resisting nickel alloys. They can also cut steels, high-resistance steels, titanium, ceramics, composite materials, pipes, bars and other materials and parts. Abrasive cutting-off machines are characterized by a high cutting quality and are able to perform various tasks in cutting of non-ferrous metals, high strength steels, alloys of different hardness and heat resistance. The machines can operate both in automatic (with automatic infeed) and semi-automatic modes (with manual control function). Cutting may be performed in five-axes system i. e. a part is cut in all axes in the horizontal plane and in the vertical plane in a smooth manner. There is a joystick controller for stepless adjustment. Slide assembly and a clamping device can turn 180° and a processed part rotates 360°.

The part is clamped by pressing the foot pedal, Example of clamping device operation. Casting can be cut off from a gating system at any angle – along or perpendicular to its axis. Cutting line is adjusted using a laser, according to the configuration of the processed part. Video camera can be installed to monitor the work process (optional). Cutting wheel wear is monitored with a laser tracker (optional), cutting parameters are adjusted simultaneously with the help of 2 cameras showing video on two 10" monitors. After the operation is completed, the wheel automatically returns to its initial position. Operations are programmed on the control panel (10" touch screen panel). Automatic cutting wheel-workpiece feed system and an automatic table-cutting wheel feed system are programmed on the touch screen panel by setting different cutting modes. Integrated feed speed control, power control, force control and cutting speed control. Pulse cutting mode, overload graphical LED, electronic braking system. Table with T-slots 14mm is made of stainless steel, the lower part of the table represents a firm cast base. The cutting off machines correspond to the following European standards of safety and quality:
DIN EN 292-2 – Safety of machinery
DIN EN 60 204-1 – Electrical equipment of machines
DIN EN 294 – Safety of machinery - safety distance to prevent danger zones from being reached by the upper limbs
DIN EN 13218 – Machine tools - Safety - Stationary grinding machines The machines have got a mark of conformity to the EU standards according to VDE and safety instructions.

Special Cutting off Machines for Cutting of Gating Systems:

- Abrasive cutting off machine FTS 600/75, input power 75kW, 5 axes, cutting wheel diameter 400/600mm, dry cutting method, is recommended to cut big gating systems of complex-configuration up to 40 kg using 55 kW motor - up to 25kg, simplified wheel replacement system;
- Abrasive cutting off machine FTS 600/55, input power 55 kW, 3 axes, cutting wheel diameter 400/600mm, dry cutting method, 10 modes of operation depending on a cutting type, recommended for cutting of gating systems, used in medicine to cut die cast titanium implants (for cannon-bones);
- Abrasive cutting off machine CN-500 (CN-500/Langtisch (with long table), input power 18,5kW, (axes Х, Y and Z have got automatic feed and manual joystic control), cutting wheel diameter 300/500mm, dry cutting method, can be used to cut gating systems;
- Abrasive cutting off machine CN-432A2, input power 18,5kW, (awes Х and Z have got automatic feed system, axis Y is fed with a joystick (handwheel)(+\-60mm)), cutting wheel diameter 300/500mm, dry cutting method, can be used to cut gating systems, , dry cutting example;
- Abrasive cutting off machine MN-350А3, input power 7,5kW, (axes Х, Y and Z have got automatic infeed, + manual joystick control), adjustable table (WхD) 550 х 500mm, cutting wheel pressure force adjustment, cutting wheel diameter 250/400mm.

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