Walking-Beam Conveyor is included into an automated line. Flaskless horizontal stack moulding assembly line is used for high-volume manufacturing of temporary moulds, using blow-squeeze moulding method, for small and medium-sized castings from ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys weighing from 15 to 30 kg.

The line includes a moulding unit, walking-beam conveyor, transfer unit for filled flaskless moulds, belt doser, and hydraulic, pneumatic and electric equipment.

Various line modifications allow manufacturing moulds of different sizes:

Dimensions Width
600х450 180х300
600х480 180х300
600х500 80х200

Cyclic efficiency is 360 moulds/h

Blow-squeeze moulding method allows manufacturing castings of first and second precision classes, and high pressure bread-and-butter pressing method ensures uniform density of both imprints of a double-sided mould.

Walking-Beam Conveyor is designed for periodic straight-line conveying using hydraulic devices.

Walking-Beam Conveyor of special design transfers finished forms to the pouring and cooling station and casting removing station.

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