SpecTechSnab Ltd. supplies laboratory and measuring equipment produced by leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. Among our partners are mechanic engineers, metallurgists, power engineers, miners, petroleum technicians, builders and scientists. The experience and professionalism of our experts allow us to solve our customers' problems in complex: the selection and delivery of the necessary equipment, start-up, maintenance and technical support.

Our company provides such complementary services as repair, maintenance, checkup, warranty service of ‘Simpson’ devices and training of the staff working with ‘Simpson Technologies’ GmbH equipment.

SIMPSON Product Catalogue (2,94Mb pdf)

Supplied Equipment:
1. Equipment for moulding and core sand analysis:
Mixers, seals, core-making machines, hardness-testing machines, sand strength machine, moisture analyzers, permeability testing apparatus, particle size analyzers.
2. General Laboratory Equipment:
Viscometers, water distillation and deionization units, pump sand compressors, pumping systems, mixing units, scrubbing-and-drying equipment, filtration equipment, centrifuges, thermometers and heat sensors, balances.
3. Heating Equipment:
Drying ovens, high-temperature furnaces, thermostatically controlled air boxes and incubators, sterilizers, heating mantles, hot plates and heat blocks, liquid thermostats.
4. Spectroscopic and Optical Instrumentation:
Atomic absorption spectrometers, x-ray fluorescent spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, optical-emission spectrometers, microscopes
5. Thermoelectric Measuring Equipment:
Temperature transducers, thermal probes, rapid alloys determination equipment.
6. Sample Preparation Equipment:
Test mills (centrifugal, planetary, vibrational, disk and globe), crushers, sieving machines, sieves, sample dividers, homogenizers.
7. Electrochemical Analyzers:
Ion meters and pH-meters, dissolved-oxygen meters, conductometers и salt meters, voltage and current strength analyzers, carbon and sulphur analyzers, electrodes, materials.
8. Gas Control Equipment:
Gas-analysers for flame products, for the working area, for the living area; aspirators, aerosole filters, gas moisture and temperature testers.
9. Lab Furniture
10. Labware and glassware
11. Consumables and chemicals
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