The Machine represents a Two-Station Rotary Moulding Machine using air-impact method of mould compaction.

On the first station it fills the moulding sand and draws the pattern. On the second station the sand is compacted with an impact air gun (the dynamic impact on the sand with air supply pressure to 0.6 MPa) and then pressed with a flat plate. The Machine makes top and bottom half moulds alternately.

Moulds produced using air-impact compression method has a number of advantages over the moulds, made using traditional methods. The main advantages are high density and accuracy, considerable cost saving and great quality improvement.

Parameters Readings
Flasks Size, mm 800х700х300
Operation Mode automatic, adjustable
Drive Type hydraulic, pneumatic
Casting Method Air-impact with second pressing
Installed Power, kW 22,6
Compression Moulding Pressure, MPa 1,0
Oil Pressure, MPa 5-10
Network Air Pressure, МПа 0,63
Cycle Performance, moulds/h 50
Overall Dimensions, mm 4880х4300х3780
Weight, kg 15500
Address: 195248, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Degtyaryova 4
Tel: +7 (812) 410-08-15