Cup Mix-Muller Batch Mixer with vertical rotary cylinders is used in foundry industry to prepare system, backing, facing and core sands from sandy aggregates with liquid and dust additives in foundry industry.

Operation Principle:
First, the mixture is compacted with rollers, then it is stirred by blades and roller pins, ensuring high quality mixing of the sand components.
The mixer has a cap on the top of its shell to protect the environment from dust.

The Cup Mixer is equipped with a discharge device. A feed box, sand feeder with a ground bunker, liquid additions feeder and a dust-like additions feeder are optional.

The Mixer can be used in sand foundry shops and integrated moulding lines.

Область применения: смесеприготовительные отделения литейных цехов, а также комплексные формовочные линии.

Cup Mixer Specifications. 15112:

  • Batch Volume, m3 3 – 0,5
  • Productivity, m3/h – 15,0
  • Bowl inside diameter, mm – 1914
  • Vertical shaft speed, r/min – 42
  • Fume extraction system duty, m33/h – 1000
  • Installed power, kW – 22
  • Motor speed of rotation, r/min – 1500
  • Overall dimensions, mm, LWD (with feeders) – 2900х2125х4764, (without feeder) – 2750х2125х3000
  • Weight, kg (with feeders) – 3700, (without feeders) - 3100>
Cup Mixer 15112 Model
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