Inertial Knockout Grid ИР-20 Model is designed for the sand knockout from large moulds regardless of the mould manufacturing method, be it “wet” or “dry”.

Inertial Knockout Grid ИР-20 may be used at mechanized sections with flasks handling with the help of travel cranes.

Inertial Grid Housing is weld-fabricated lying on 8 spring bumpers, set on the frame.

Inertial Grid vibrates due to the eccentric shaft rotation situated under the grid frame.

The shaft is powered by an electric motor having a capacity of 3 kW, n=1500 r/min, through the V-belt transmission.

Once the electric motor is turned on, the grid housing begins to vibrate. A mould is set on the grid surface. Vibrating inertial grid strikes the flask from the bottom upwards breaking the mixture lumps. The mixture goes through the grid to the receiving feed bin (not supplied), from which is transferred to the belt-type conveyor for further transportation for recycling. The Inertial Knockout Grid produces a lot of dust while operation and requires a powerful ventilation system.

The device is turned on from the pushbutton panel with the overloading protection.


Parameter Value
Grid work surface, mm 1400х1000
Drive shaft speed, r/min 1140
Grid cell size, mm 150х60
Motor Power, kW 3
Motor Speed, r/min 1500
Overall Dimensions, mm 1700х1350х750
Weight, kg 1450
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