Chill Casting Machines are designed for producing complex shape castings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals with book-type mould.

Chill mould - is a metal mould which is filled with melt under the influence of gravitational force. Unlike an expendable sand mould, the chill one can be used many times. Thus, practically speaking, chill casting is using metallic material to produce long-life moulds. Metal parts of these moulds form their shape and define the configuration and properties of casting.

Model Plates Size, mm Machine Weight, kg
82103 500х400 2200
82А303 500х400 2880
82А403 500х400 3650
82А503 500х400 4160
82105 800х630 4400
82А305 800х630 7300
82А405 800х630 8500
82А505 800х630 8600
82307 1250х1000 9520
82407 1250х1000 10800
82507 1250х1000 11500
Turnable 89509 1600х1250 40000
Automatic system А82А303 500х400 10500
Four-Station Rotary Machine 4932 500х400 1960
Six-Station Rotary Machine 4937А 800х450 40000
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