Our company supplies basic technological equipment for investment casting with production level of 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000 tons of castings per year.

Taking into account different requirements for castings in different industries, we offer equipment that allows using various methods and materials.

For instance, the clusters can be coated in a fluidized bed or in elevator and drum sanders. Ceramic mould drying may be air, ammonia or vacuum-ammonia. Investment compound may melt out of ceramic moulds in water, in investment compound or in steam. Moulds can be calcinated either with or without filler.

Range of manufactured equipment for investment casting includes the following areas and models of machines:

For investment compound preparation and producing moulds and clusters

For the preparation of refractory coating

For the application of refractory coating, ceramic clusters manufacture and melting of investment compound

For calcination and filling of ceramic moulds

For separating castings from the downright and ceramic from castings

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