Machines and equipment for moulding and core sand quality control

SpecTechSnab Ltd. offers the laboratory equipment for testing moulding and core sand mixtures Simpson-Gerosa.

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The equipment is represented by a wide range of modern devices that can be divided into groups according to their purpose:

1. Original Substance Properties:

  • Samples and mixes preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Sand properties (sieve test, volume weight, specific surface, grain form)
  • Bentonite testing (mixing, active clay content, wet strength)

2. Sand-Resin Moulding Sand Physical Properties:

Specimen preparing
Physical testing:
  • Sand-clay and resin sands permeability testing
  • Rammability
  • Wet tensile testing
  • Mouldability
  • Finished mould strength
  • Equipment control
  • Physical properties measurement

3. Hot hardening, cold hardening and reactant gas blow hardening mixtures:

  • Hardening time
  • Surface hardness

Shell sands:

  • Shell sand tensile strength testing
  • Hot-box accessories
  • Shell forming and hardening
  • Core preparing

Reactant gas blow hardening mixtures:

  • Specimen preparing
  • Gas blow hardening specimens for transverse testing

Mix humidity and gas generation value:

  • Gas pressure and volume
  • Humidity
  • Humidity and/or drying
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