SpecTechSnab Ltd. supplies temperature measurement equipment for aggressive high temperature environments. We offer thermal converters (thermocouples) with standard calibrations according to CIS National State Standard 6616-94:

  • S – platinum-rhodium (10%) - platinum ;
  • B – platinum-rhodium (30%) - platinum-rhodium (6%);
  • A – tungsten-rhenium (5%) - tungsten-rhenium (20%);
  • K – chromel-alumel couple;
  • N - nichrosil-nisil thermocouple;
  • L – chromel-copel thermocouple;
  • Foundry thermal probes;
  • Precise temperature measuring and control instruments by West Instruments, LUMEL, ERGOS Ltd.

All devices are included in the State register of measuring equipment.

Thermal probes, which can be very efficiently used for short-time temperature measurement of molten metal in small foundry furnaces and steel-teeming ladles, are particularly noteworthy.

1. Tungsten-rhenium Thermoelectric Converters type ТП-А
2. Thermoelectric Converters based on precious metal thermocouples types ТП-B and ТП-S.
3. Thermoelectric Converters with nonprecious metal thermocouple wires types ТП-К (N, L)
4. Thermal probes for short-time temperature measurements in metal, salt and glass melts.
5. Assemblies and details for thermoelectric converters

Temperature measuring and control devices
1. High-precision temperature measurement and control devices by LUMEL
2. High-precision temperature measurement and control devices by ERGOS
3. High-precision temperature measurement and control devices by WEST INSTRUMENTS
4. Power regulators
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