SpecTechSnab Ltd. supplies equipment for the manufacture of foundry sand cores of sand-resin mixtures cured by gaseous chemical promoters blow in cold boxes. The Machine design is based on the range of standard hot box core making machines.

The Machines use air sand blowing method of ramming sand-resin mixture in a core box, providing high core quality and minimum time of filling the core box with sand.

The constitutive parameter of the Machines is the sand-blow barrel volume, which defines the weight of the manufactured core and the size of the core box.

The Machines configuration is single-position, shuttle type with a movable sand blow tank and an air blast nozzle, shifting from the position of loading the mixture into the sand blast tank to the position of its unloading into the core box, which can be either fixed or movable.

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Our Core Making Machines match their foreign equivalents in their design and technical parameters and are equipped with:

- Localization System of Harmful Gas liberating in the process of core sand curing in a box; Special partly-glazed enclosure to monitor the working process, which can be opened to allow routine maintenance to be carried out and to keep the machine in an efficient operating condition.
- Pressurization System of the core box and blow plate for better gaseous promoter venting while lancing the core sand in a box.
- Systems, which provide quick and easy removal and installation of the blow plate and the core box on the machine;
- Modern and reliable Machine Control Systems using programmable controllers (subject to the requirements of the customer)
- Modern licensed pneumatic equipment.

The Core Making Machines can produce cores using ‘Ashland-process’ and ‘Betaset-process’.

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