Continuous Mixers for preparation of cold hardening mixtures.

The Mixers are designed for preparing a wide range of cold-hardening mixtures, including synthetic resin mixtures and carbon-dioxide sands followed by filling casting and core boxes.

The Mixer quickly mixes sand with the fluid components fed into the extrusion barrel and unloads the finished mixture into the casting box. Stirring of the mixture components and unloading of the finished mixture is performed by the interchangeable blades fixed to the shaft. Short length of the extrusion barrel and a high rotation speed allow quick and complete unload of the core sand from the Mixer at the end of each working cycle. This design ensures a high quality of mixing the core sand components according to the innovative technology.

The Mixer is simple and reliable, easy to maintain and repair, characterized by high speed and quality of mixing and not expensive.

At the request of the customer the Mixers can be completed with a dry sand feeder and additionally equipped with a turn-around table for filling core boxes in the production of small cores.

Pivotal Mixer Specification Table:

Model С1Ш3 С1Ш6 С-110 С2Ш1
Type pivotal pivotal pivotal pivotal
Number of Screws 1 1 1 2
Productivity, ton per hour 3 3-6 5-10 до 3
Working Radius, mm 1400 1400 1700 1200
Number of Dosing Pumps 2 2 4 3
Arm Rotational Angle, degrees 180 180 270
Power, kWv 3 4 5 5
Overall Dimensions (Without the Control Cabinet and
Pump Units), mm
1000х350х1500 2500х600х2000 2815х870х3020 2295х510х2530
Weight, kg 300 500 750 1100
Address: 195248, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Degtyaryova 4
Tel: +7 (812) 410-08-15