Vortex Mixers are used to prepare mixtures of clay bonded foundry sands.

Vortex Mixing is distinct in the high linear and rotational velocities of the filler particles. The distribution of the binder in the mixture volume and on the surface of filler grains goes under the action of high dynamic energy. The intensive multidirectional translational-rotational motion of the whole mixture, its micro volumes and each particle provides a high-quality homogeneous mixture with the flawless covering of each grain. High speed grain motion and continuous collision of the particles lead to the so-called mechanical activation of the binding complex, thereby increasing the strength characteristics of the mixture.

Continuous mixture aeration while mixing process improves its mouldability and rammability and allows preparing of high strength mixtures up to 20 MPa practically maintaining the mixer performance.

Vortex Mixer Specification Table

Bowl Inside Diameter, mm 1500 2000
Productivity, m3/h 10 44
Batch Volume m3 0,3...0,4 1
Installed Power, kW 55 85
Whirling Head Motor Power, kW 18,5 30
Motor Power, kW 35 45
Industrial Water Consumption, max m3/h 0,36 0,40
Air Pressure, МPa 0,5...0,63 0,5...0,63
Whirling Head Speed, rpm 700 700
Vertical Roll Speed, rpm 35 30
Overall Dimensions, mm 2450х1650х2200 2850х2960х2500
Weight, kg 3400 7500
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