Blast Cabinet is designed for cleaning part blanks from metal penetration, burning-in and sand remains. Castings are loaded and unloaded onto a turnaround trolley table by shop-floor travelers.

Trolley with castings goes to the chamber, the gate closes, and the fume extraction system and the separating unit turn on. The trolley table is put into rotation. The shotblaster drives turn on and the details are cleaned with shot.

The Blast Cabinet includes:

  • work chamber
  • trolley
  • shotblasters (3 pcs)
  • spiral conveyor
  • elevator
  • shot separator
  • separator
  • storage hopper
  • metal construction
  • electrical equipment
Parameters Readings
Cabinet Type Batch
Turnaround Trolley Table Diameter, mm 2000
Trolley Capacity, tn 8
Shotblasters Number, pcs 3
Shotblasters Power, kW 18
Shot Discharge Speed, m/s 120
Discharged Shot Weight, kg/min 3х150
Shot Type Steel cast 0,8-1,4 mm
Shot Weight in the System, kg 5000
Exhaust Air Volume, m3/min 15000
Compressed Air Consumption, m3/min 5,5
Air Pressure, atm 4-6
Installed Power, kW 72
Overall Dimensions
length (with transport trolley)
above floor level

Pit Depth 1200
Cabinet Weight, tn 39
Address: 195248, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Degtyaryova 4
Tel: +7 (812) 410-08-15