Shotblast Machine 44124 Model is designed to shotblast castings, forging, welds, details after heat treatment, glass, stone and other materials. It is used as a part of treatment plants.

Shotblast Machine 44124 Model is fixed to the base by two supports bolted to the bottom chamber. So the lower chamber with supports is the machine base on which a mixing section (below), a relief sequence valve and a charging device (above) are installed. The valve assembly is mounted to the upper chamber by flanged connections. The electricity box is fixed to the wall or to a special stand in any convenient place for the unit maintenance.

There is a flange on the top of the device to connect it with the shot storage hopper.

Shotblast Machine 44124 Model performs the following operations:
- takes shot from the storage hopper,
- transfers the shot to the lower chamber,
- mixes the shot with compressed air,
- blows the mixture to the jet head to discharge it onto the working surface.

Shot is taken from the storage hopper through the feeding unit, which is an arc door.

The door is opened by a unilateral pneumatic cylinder and closed by an extension spring with a counterweight.

Transfer of the Shot to the Lower A-Chamber:

  • The relief sequence valve closes separating cavities A and B;
  • Air in B-cavity is decompressed to the standard pressure through the upper valve assembly creating the conditions for transferring the shot from the storage hopper in B-part of the machine;
  • The arc gate and B-valve open simultaneously and the shot from the storage hopper goes to B-cavity in the upper chamber of the machine. The shot is filled at a certain time;
  • The arc gate closes and so does the relief sequence B-valve with some delay;
  • The upper valve of the valve assembly switches to “blowing mode”, the pressure is raised to the A-cavity level (in the lower chamber), and so the shot goes from B-cavity to A-cavity;
  • The relief sequence A-valve opens and the shot is transferred from B-cavity to A-cavity.

The mixture of compressed air and shot is formed in the mixing chamber and transferred to the jet through the jet head hose. There the mixture is speeded up and the shot is discharged onto the work surface.

The machine works in the automatic mode and is remotely controlled from the control cabinet.

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