Vibration Cleansing Machines ВМПВ-200М, ВМ-100М and 43104 Models can solve the problem of manual labour rejection while deburring, removal of sharpened edges rounding after the machining operation and forming of steel, iron, aluminum, plastic and other details, light casting cleaning of moulding sand and metal penetration, scaling off after heat treating.

Vibration Cleansing Machines model ВМПВ-200М), have toroidal-spiral shaped working spaces, models ВМ-100М have V-shaped working spaces with nonparallel head walls and models 43104 have working spaces of half opened cylindrical shape with uneven head walls. Inner surface of all working spaces is covered with polyurethane.


Model ВМПВ-200М ВМ-100М 43104
Working Chamber Volume, l 200 100 125
Charge Weight, kg (filler +work parts) 300 220 300
Work Parts Max. Size, mm 120 150 150
Work Parts Max. Weight, kg 0,6 1,0 1,5
Vibration Frequency, vibrations per minute 900/1200/1800 1000/1400/2100 750/1000/1500
Vibrational Amplitude, mm 1…4 1…4 1…5
Overall Dimensions, mm 3000х2300х2500 2200х1830х2540 1850х1050х1470
Machine Weight, kg 2930 3070 1000
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