SpetcTechSnab Ltd. supplies shotblasting equipment for materials surface treatment. Our equipment allows performing such technical operations as cleaning from dirt, old paint, rust, scale or oil burning, roughening, matting, preparing the surface for metallic and non-metallic coatings etc.

We also offer accessory equipment, spare parts and expendable materials:
- Jets, jet holders, hoses, hose connections, automatic blast media collection and supply systems, blast media separating systems, filters, ventilation systems, compressor equipment..
- Steel cast shot, steel cut shot, iron cast shot, glass and ceramic shot.

Blasting equipment is represented by shot-blasting injector-type chambers having the following specifications:

Parameter 1st Type 2nd Type
Chamber Dimensions, mm 1000х800х1000 1000х1200х1000
Height, mm 1700 1700
Air Pressure, atm 6/7 6/7
Power Consumption, kW 0.3 0.3
Weight, kg 100 115

Parameters can be changed at the customer’s request.

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