Die Casting Machine 711Е08 Model with mould locking pressure 2500 kN is based on the components of the leading companies and corresponds to the modern international technical standards.

The Machine is designed for die casting details from aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys with exclusive standards of mechanical characteristics, hydraulic soundness, dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

High casting quality is achieved by double circuit shockless compression mechanism, control system based on the programmable controller of the «OMRON» company, visual representation of all the process parameters and reliable hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment produced by the manufacturers of the leading countries.

Pressurized nitrogen gas is used as a shot intensifier drive in the compression mechanism instead of oil, therefore the gas compressibility allows absorbing of the hydraulic impact and reduces the peak pressure in a mould working space and consequently, minimizes the locking pressure.

Separate shot intensifier drive circuit makes it possible to adjust and maintain the locking pressure while in operation, independently of the press plunger speed, which increases the performance consistency of the casting mechanism.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of the production process. For that purpose electric, hydraulic and pneumatic interlocks from unauthorized mould clamping, which is the most dangerous process in die casting machine operating, are installed.

To protect the mould from damage the machine is provided with an electro hydraulic device activating if there is some casting residue, burr e t c left in the die mould.

The basic process parameters, such as moulding force, press plunger movement in the first and second phases, the third pressing phase initiation time, are programmable and controllable.

Graphics of the way, pressure in the injection cylinder bottom and press plunger speed in each casting phase can be seen on the computer display if necessary.

There is no need in troubleshooting as all the necessary information is displayed on the operator panel located on the control terminal door and the warning signal, which is a red flashing lamp, is situated on the control panel.

The main parameters determining the casting quality are stored in the industrial PC memory for a long time and can be printed or transferred to any media if necessary.

Die Casting Machine 711Е08 Model

Die Casting Machine 711Е08 Model Specifications:

Specifications 711Е08
Locking Pressure, kN, Min. 2500
Movable Plate Travel, mm 530+10,6
The Distance Between the Columns Horizontally and Vertically in the Clear, mm 550±0,5
Die Mould Thickness, мм
- Maximum
- Minimum

Max. Alloy Batch Weight, kg
(At the compacting pressure of 40 МPa and the alloy density 2500 kg/ m3), to a minimum of
Moulding Force, кN 320±16,0
Pouring Stations Number (numerator) and Downward Shift of the Pouring Stations (denominator), mm 3/160±0,1/200±0,1
Air-Oil Actuator Force, kN, Min. 200
Air-Oil Actuator Travel, mm, Min. 120
Pressing Plunger Top Idling Speed, m/s, Min. 7
Idle Cycle Time, s, Max. 5,4
The Number of Idle Cycles During Continuous Operation of the Machine, cycles per hour, Min. 660
Pressing Plunger Overtravel, mm 130±5
Machine Weight, kg, Max. 11200
Overall Dimensions (length х width х height), mm, Max. 5300 х 2200 х 2145
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